A downloadable game for Windows

Title: Little Guys

Description: In Little Guys, you take the role of two Little Guys trainers in the heat of battle. Little guys can win in battle by either absorbing more of the blue healing energy, or by knocking out the other team. Each Little Guy has their own style, so try to build a team that can win any fight!

Built for Windows.

Little Guys requires two players, both with controllers (preferably XBox or similar) to play.


  • Left stick - move left and right.
  • A Button - Jump
  • X Button - Attack
  • Y Button - Ability 1, specific for each Little Guy
  • B Button - Ability 2, specific for each Little Guy
  • Left and Right Bumper - Swap out your current Little Guy for one in the reserve
  • End The game with Alt-F4 (Sorry!)

Theme: The Little Guys combat decisions are based around the capturing of points serving to also heal your any little guys that are currently out. If you have any capture points saved, they will be consumed to heal those guys. This push and pull can cause players to switch their techniques mid-battle to become more focused on defending the capture point with one of their displacement effects, or if necessary, completely ignore the capture point and try to get a cheeky stun combo.  

Additionally, many of the little guys have abilities that can serve them in multiple different ways. For instance, the flower Little Guy has an ability called Petal Blast that can shoot through the platforms (to apply pressure to people who are hiding or controlling the point) but also applies a force to itself, which can be used to escape  if necessary. Quite a few abilities have this self-displacement effect, allowing them to more easily gain access to the control point, pressure enemies in corner, or defend the point from any attackers.


A very special thanks to Tanner Helland (http://www.tannerhelland.com) for the battle music, The Forest Awakes http://www.tannerhelland.com/1630/song-forest-awakes/, licensed under Creative Commons (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/).

Created by Chris Nearman, Adam Pettyjohn, and Gavriella Aguilar for Game Makers Toolkit Jam. Watch on Youtube Here!

Source Code: https://github.com/cnearman/GMTKJam


LittleGuys.zip 26 MB